Bar de Bex
Sometimes I ramble.
Sometimes I make cocktails.
Most of the time I just take pictures and think that's cool enough.

About Bex.


Right. So. Me?


This is a drinking blog about how and what we imbibe, and the randomness that may come with it. However you got here–whether you just happened to stumble across this, you’re a friend or family member that I overly encouraged to visit, or you got a @bardebex sticker forced in your hand at a bar–welcome to my liquid culture collage that highlights a strong passion in my life. We all drink different things and for different reasons–but in the end there’s one thing that remains consist: we all feel something when we do so. Happier, sadder, louder, excited, quieter, honest, outraged, calm, welcomed, defeated, sleepy, warm, cold, sexy, horny, embarrassed, sick, drunk, sober, motivated, brilliant, less thirsty–the list goes on for miles. But my point is, this simple action we all partake in is a part of our lives. 


Drink this moment. 

With cocktails, mocktails, beer, wine, coffee, tea, water–whatever your poison may be–they're not just created from delicious and interesting ingredients–they're also created from stories. What we drink, how we drink, who we drink with–can all vary depending on our mood, setting, and the people around us–and that's what Bar De Bex is all about. I'm mixing and stirring with the moments that make up our everyday and making some magic along the way. Drinking is a social circle, an adventure, and a hell of a good time.  


Me. Hm. Um. Cocktailist, Photographer and Writer. Which is a fancy way of saying that I make things, take pictures of things, and then write about things. So, you can call me whatever you like, but in the end, I’m Bex. And that’ll do just fine. I'm a lover of stories and connections. Fascinated by the entertainment and art form of cocktails and everything the beverage industry has to offer. 

Some background on me to make it seem like I’m a little bit more noteworthy– I was formerly a bartender at a rad craft cocktail lounge in Bellevue, WA. And though in reality it was short lived–it was one of the best experiences of my life. It opened my eyes to the magic of drink creation and stirred this passion into me. Now? Now, I have transported myself to the Bay Area for work, and a Photographer/Designer by day and Writer/Mixologist by night. With sarcasm in my back pocket and shaker in hand, I'm imbibing around with curiosity and my self-appointed drinking task. Inspired by great people, great places, and randomness in my life–I fill my time with adventures in the world of spirits and creating cocktails that capture the moments we love.

Don't be a stranger. 


Bartender Bex


  • 2 oz Photographer & Storyteller

  • 1 oz Curious Cocktailist

  • 1 oz Wit & Sarcasm

  • 1 barspoon Musically Inspired

  • 2 dashes Flavortainment


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