Bar de Bex
Sometimes I ramble. Sometimes I make cocktails.

hey, barkeep.


Right. So. Me?

Everyday there are millions of stories flying about. I'm just trying to catch them one at a time. Word by word. Photo by photo. Cocktail by cocktail. Truth by truth. Lie by lie. gets a little fuzzy after a couple.


In the end, a drink is a pretty damn simple thing. You pick it up, you drink it, you move on. But if you want to get annoyingly in depth about it--you were the one who took time out of your life to consume something that resulted in you feeling differently in some way. Happier, sadder, louder, excited, quieter, honest, outraged, calm, welcomed, defeated, sleepy, warm, cold, sexy, horny, embarrassed, sick, drunk, sober, motivated, brilliant, less thirsty--the list goes on for miles. My point being, it's the simple things that change how we feel. And believe it or not, it's those little things that can strike us at any moment, and before we know it, we're out there. Where? Eh, not sure. But that's what I'm saaayin'. You feel me?


With cocktails, beer, wine, or whatever your poison may be---there's always something there. It's never just a drink and that's that. That "that" is way more exciting. It's a social circle, an adventure, and a hell of a good time. 


I'm a lover of stories and connections. Fascinated by the entertainment and art form of cocktails and everything of liquid culture.

Many eons ago, when I found myself stumbling back home after graduation, I decided to take a chance with something new that I'd always wanted to do. No real experience. Itching to learn. Somehow, and thankfully, someone took a chance on me. Before I knew it, I was a bartender at this awesome craft cocktail lounge in Seattle. And though in reality it was short lived--it was freakin' magical. Opened my eyes to the cocktail industry in an entirely new way. And stirred this passion into me and into what is now. Now. Now, I have transported myself to the Bay Area for work, and am sinking into the wonderful craziness. Photographer/Designer by day and Writer/Mixologist by night. With sarcasm in my back pocket and shaker in hand, I'm imbibing around with curiosity and my self-appointed drinking task. Inspired by great people, great places, and randomness in my life--I fill my time with adventures in the world of spirits and creating cocktails that capture the moments we love. 



Bartender Bex

But why cocktails?