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Gift Guides!


Hey, drinking buddies! Let the endless cheers-ing begin and let's get grooving with some gift-giving! 

Bar de Bex has got your back for whatever the occasion may be! I've created some kickass gift guides to help you with ideas on what to get those people in your life that enjoy a beverage in hand. To spice things up, I’ve made some categories so you can really hone into that perfect present for your special imbiber. 

Cocktail Enthusiasts.

For those who geek out on cocktail creations, tales behind drinks, entertaining, and winning bartending tools to up their home bar game.

Classy Wine Folks.

For those who love everything wine and want to fine tune their wine cellar accessories and improve their wine knowledge.

Beer Lovers.

For those who are beer drinkers through and through and are believers in: "Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy."~Ben Franklin