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"Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy."~Ben Franklin

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Because colder beer is better. 

Okay. This is just freakin' cool. 

Nuff said.

$35-40 (varies on style)

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Come on...that's pretty good.


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These will forever be on my gift guides. Why? Um, because I freakin' love them. Awesome presents for...well anyone! Get someone a glass from their hometown,  favorite vacation spot, or some other place that holds a special memory. Pick the glassware style, pick the location, can't go wrong!

(Styles available: Rocks Glass, Stem Wine Glass, Stemless Wine Glass, Pint Glass, Mug, etc!)

$ - $$ (Depending on style)

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Stanley Classic Vacuum Insulated GRRRrowler!

We got a heavy duty vacuum insulated growler here. With this bad boy, you mean business. Perfect for camping, river floats, park adventures, and...well, life.


Pssst. Comes in other colors too!

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99 Bottles of Beer on The Wall PUZZLE

1000 piece puzzle! Bring it on world! (Strongly encouraged as a group activity accompanied with beer)


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Hey, you can drink...and learn a little something too!


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Own the night like a viking with this epic drinking beer horn.


(Psst. It's dishwasher safe!)

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Aaawesome soap that smells gooood. I know the thought of washing with beer sounds pretty gross, but these all natural soaps smell wonderful! "The scents are derived from the beer itself and can be described as smelling spicy, roasty, fruity, sweet, and fresh depending on the variety of soap."


Hint: If you get the 6 just covered 6 friends... Okay, one bar of soap might be a lame gift, but you get what I mean...

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"Just Drink it" T-Shirt

I mean, drinking is pretty much a sport...


(Pssst. Other shirt options available) 

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Make your home bar a little bit more homie with Scoutmob's reclaimed wood bottle opener!



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This is a hilarious game that can get reeaaal, so prepare to call out your friends. Voting style, when a card is pulled, the group votes 'WHO IS MOST LIKELY'...whoever gets the most cards in the end loses. Time to decipher who is drunk, stoned or stupid!