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Games Afoot

Let the Easterness begin!

Games Afoot.

Whether you're religious or not, Easter seems to touch us all in some way. This is a holiday that has morphed into an official, Sunday Funday for so many of us. Now I see more Easter's filled with mimosa brunches, candy overload, and bunnies gone wild. Ah. What a joyous day. But whatever the celebration of this day may be, it is always packed with great company and wonderful memories. (And binging on all the treats you gave up for lent.) My Easterness contribution this year is to the liquid culture. So here's my latest cocktail, "Games Afoot." A vodka cocktail of strawberry, orange, and prickly pear. A refreshing and fruity Spring drink to carry you through the sunshine. May the adventure of this day for you be delightfully thrilling.

Let's concoct:

  • 2 oz St. George Vodka
  • 1 oz Orange Liqueur
  • Egg White
  • 3 Strawberries
  • 2 Dashes of Seven Stills' Prickly Pear Bitters
  • Club Soda

*Muddle strawberries. Add remaining ingredients and shake vigorously dry. Then add ice and shake to chill. Fine strain into a Collin's glass. Top with club soda. 

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