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Sometimes I ramble.
Sometimes I make cocktails.
Most of the time I just take pictures and think that's cool enough.

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Cruisin' Together.

Long weekend ahead? Hm. That means there's more time to drink then, right?


Cruisin' Together. 

Allllllllllll right.


Who wants to be my drinking buddy this weekend?

Got this nice cocktail made for looks like I'm in need for a hot date to share it with. If you'd like to join, I'll just be kickin' it back in a lawn chair, soaking up the sunshine with my stunna shades on, and relaxing until the sky is filled with bursting lights. I mean, doesn't that sound nice? And I can be fun. And sometimes funny. I can even be entertaining on occasion. Come on, I've made it soo easy for you. All you have to is show up...Well, and be awesome. 

Yeah? Any takers? No? Get out of my life you loser?

Okay, Bex, stop trying to force people to hang out with you. Just do what you're here to do and supply people with alcoholic options...not your company. Fine. So. On to what you're really here for, those "cocktails and dreams." 

I will say though, there was a purpose for my rambling of an intro. Because when I was thinking of what to make for 4th of July, it got me thinking about my past adventurous weekends surrounding this holiday. Within those daytime shenanigans and unexpected night journeys, there was always a partner in crime, wasn't there? Someone who was on my level, lacing up their shoes in unison, and ready for the next thing. So I wanted to make a cocktail to share that love. Weekends like these are designed for the enjoyment of gathering. So whatever your plan may be and whoever you're spending your weekend with--here's something to join your party and maybe make that roof a little higher. So without further ado, here's "Cruisin' Together," a cocktail of tequila, watermelon, cucumber and ginger beer. Not the booziest mix around, but a welcoming sunshine drink to keep you buzzed and light during the day, or a night cap refresher. 

Let's concoct (a cocktail made for two):

  • 5 oz Tequila
  • 5 Cucumber Slices
  • 8 Watermelon Slices
  • Ginger Beer (Fever Tree, or whatever)

*Muddle cucumber and watermelon, add tequila and shake with ice. Strain into a small pitcher over fresh ice. Fill individual glasses 3/4s full, and top with ginger beer. Garnish with watermelon cubes or a thin cucumber slice. 


Bartender Bex