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Bex's Holiday Gift Guide ($50 and Under)

From what I've gathered from a general consensus, boozy things can awesome people pleasers when it comes to gift giving.

Yes, I know that's not a catch-all thing, but I'm not trying to be a Pokemon master, I'm just trying to share some liquid culture love here. So. Here is a list of some grand items that I've been into and I think would make wonderful presents for the people in your life. With the holidays coming around the corner, here's my helping hand to you if you're struggling on ideas. 

"AM I THE ONLY ONE CURIOUS ABOUT THE PINEAPPLE?"                       (a cocktail in your name if can name where that's from.)

W&P Design's Pineapple Tumbler is an amazingly unique present that brings something special when serving a cocktail. I love W&P Design's craze for pineapples, and it's clearly shown in their beautiful design. Pineapples are known for symbolizing friendship, hospitality and a warm welcome--how can that not be an awesome present for someone?    -$35

Psst. And they also have a lot more pineapple beauties. Even a shot glass set of them...and they're freakin' adorable. 


SaloonBox is, well, awesome. Their goal is to make amazing cocktails accessible to everyone. Their subscription boxes are filled with crafty cocktail ingredients and recipes for whatever type of drinker you select. I'm not saying it's something you have sign your life away to--they have kickass gift options! -$39 (per box)

Choose to give a box you've built yourself for someone, a starter bar tool kit, or a 1, 3, 6, or 12 month prescription. 



Want to get a freakin' sweet bar spoon that makes life just a little bit more awesome? Ta-dah. Standard Spoon's Wingman Spinning Cocktail Spoon is a classy bar spoon that makes magic happen. Stirring a cocktail with this spinning bar spoon makes for an effortless experience for requiring less wrist motion. So that's a win. It's a fabulous one for beginners, and good for anyone who has wrist problems. Oh, and it's very sleek and sexy, as well. So there's another win.  -$45



Looking for something that can be entertaining for a gathering? For the ones you know who love playing host, games make awesome gifts. And when they involve drinking? Even better. This awesome wooden board game, Beeropoly from Uncommon Goods, is pret-ty legit. -$32

Psst. Just because it's called Beeropoly, doesn't mean you 'have to be a beer drinker.' But I think you could have figured that part out..



For those who love wine and home decor, this little crafted wine barrel is an awesome little kit. And what makes it even better? You can give it the personal touch! Put in name, phrase, whatever your heart's under 20 characters. A pour spout, foil cutter, corkscrew and stopper? Oh my. That's awesome. People love awesome.  -$33



"Rest your pint on history."

Points and Pint's Greatest Plays Coasters are really great for those hearty sports fans. These stylish slate coasters have the iconic great plays mapped out of your favorite soccer, basketball, football, college basketball, or baseball team. Choose the sport, choose the team, and relive their glorious history. -$50



"Tasting is Believing." 

For those who want to go on an explore tasting adventures, Flaviar's Tasting Boxes are divine. Pick between different bottle collections from a range of spirits. Their boxes also come with tasting notes, instructions on how to taste, as well as a selection of drinks. And let me just add, they are damn hilarious of a company, with great wit behind everything they do. These boxes are fun for spirit enthusiasts and also for party hosts. They're a great way to bring people together and they give your tastebuds something new. -$42 - 60

Psst. Also, the names of their tasting bottles are hilarious. Examples? Well, all right. Collections like: Power Rangers (scotch), Art Is The New Black (other spirits), Or-Gins (gin), The Canadian Lot (Canadian whisk(e)y), Game of Rums (rum), etc. Awesome, right? Right. 


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