Bar de Bex
Sometimes I ramble.
Sometimes I make cocktails.
Most of the time I just take pictures and think that's cool enough.



Niiice. You're here.

Welcome, welcome drinking friends! This is the one and only Bar De Bex drinking blog. How excited are you? I know, pretty freakin' pumped. I can tell. I can just feel your energy through this virtual reality. Soo what will you find here? A little bit of everything. Cocktails, doodles, and more (to come)! To come? YUP. Bar De Bex is currently under construction, that's why the latest content is...well dated back to Christmas. Yikes. But! New stuff will be coming in quick later on this Spring! But feel free to poke around!  (I'm a little more lively on Instagram if you're getting antsy) Stay tune!


Bartender Bex